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True Move 12 Call or dtac

24 October 2016

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24 October 2016

A. We tried to do that a number of years ago. Security is an antagonistic proposition to begin with. « Excuse me, » I get rid of this unspoken remark. Get rid of this non-phase that there is the same, it is so meaning. This unspeakable is like no one, that is, children can think of him, his heart can touch all the time think, but do not know what? He touched him when it came to lightWhen he was in the light, he did not know his name; when he was touching, he did not know his name;
« No want to define », this does not want to define what is it? In fact, the uninformed sector is also « non-phase boundary », that is, Nirvana, and Nirvana is out of phase with all others.

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