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Sheikh sedate DNA from home

to slip nor fear of him

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to slip nor fear of him

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February 15, 2014Lisa Nicoletti, Wethersfield High School 2014 Safe Graduation, WethersfieldMichele Lavoie, chairperson for Wethersfield Safe Graduation 2014 touts this as the biggest fitness extravaganza to hit Wethersfield. She said « Our aim is to send off our seniors with a safe, fun and free celebration on their graduation day. Our Fitness Frenzy will help raise some of the funds to do that.

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« And as you go to bed tonight, flip your pillow over to the cool side and before you go to sleep, as Stuart would say, you hit your knees tonight and pray to the Big Man for his beautiful daughters whom he loved, Taelor and Sydni. Pray for Stuart and his family, his parents, his siblings, his girlfriend, his ex wife, everybody who he loved. That includes you the sports fans, even those who hated on him.

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