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If this one isn’t for you, check out this top rated gift box,

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1. Wisconsin’s Best Deluxe Cheese Cracker Gift BasketThis set is great for any Midwesterner who knows their cheeses. It includes two blocks of 100 percent Wisconsin cheddar cheese and two blocks of 100 percent Wisconsin pepper jack cheese. It also includes water crackers, dipping pretzels and two varieties of mustard. Everything pairs extremely well together . The best part about this cheese gift box is that you can ship it without refrigeration. Since the cheeses are pasteurized and processed you won’t have to worry about them spoiling. This is especially great if you’re not exactly sure when the receiver of your gift will be available to accept their package. Wisconsin’s Best has so many great gifting options. If this one isn’t for you, check out this top rated gift box, which has three various types of cheese as well as sausage and crackers.

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