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But even Bill Gates, who is known for limiting his children’s

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Picture your chosen name as it will appear in various real life situations: how will it look on a school register? on a diploma? on a resum? in the oval office? What impression will it create? Will it sound dignified? snobbish? flakey? classy? friendly? pretentious? dumb? What would you like to shoot for interesting and harmonious, but neither too weird nor too dull?Once you’ve found a combination of names that can pass muster and meet every criteria set forth, and that you’re all just crazy about, there’s one more factor to consider. How does this new name go with those of your other children? Imagine shouting down the street to call your kids in for dinner, or listing your children’s names on a government form, or signing a holiday card. Do you really want that birthday card to your favorite aunt to read « Happy Birthday, Aunt Emma! Love Terry, Jason and Tondaleo »? If you can jump over this final hurdle you’ve done it! You’ve found the perfect baby name for that little someone who’s soon to be a part of your family, and your children will be more enthused about the baby’s arrival if they’ve helped you choose that name.

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