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« As Hillary Clinton said in her concession speech

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mahershala ali is the first muslim actor to win an oscar

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« We’re not sure how many have relocated to Philadelphia or Dallas, but some of those people’s homes have been destroyed. It’s amazing, some of the dedication. ». « As Hillary Clinton said in her concession speech, we need to unite behind all of the issues we all are passionate about and continue fighting the good fight, as they say. I would urge Americans with disabilities to stay hopeful and committed to making sure that we can continue to integrate into our communities, and extend pathways toward equality and opportunity.

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« I think that BERT’s cartoon like visage wassomething people responded very well to, the fact that it/he was just human like enough without seeming creepy or threatening, » Researcher Adriana Hamacher wrote to Mashable in an email. « [The study] drives home the fact thatpeople respondwell to robots that react and behave as human beings do. ».

Union Rags was probably the most touted horse coming into this Kentucky Derby prep season in part because of his commanding win on the Belmont track last year in the Grade I Champagne Stakes and has yet to show why in a big race. He skipped the Preakness and has trained well.

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Unhook your house from the sewer lines because you’re overloading the sewage treatment plant we taxpayers paid for. If you get robbed, don’t ask the police to help you, and if your house catches fire, put it out yourself. These were some of the people, topics and memes that trended to the top of Google searches in 2017. The search terms reflected the United States in upheaval over sexual misconduct allegations against powerful men, reeling from the tumultuous presidency of Donald Trump (What is « covfefe, » by the way?), and people around the world searching for information about the latest iPhone and how to make slime.

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