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and whatever you do not be ashamed of the goodness of

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and whatever you do not be ashamed of the goodness of

To attract seductive and diligent in the continuation and patience and persistence In the moral research in the introduction to the book of the first part, especially under the title of the second fruit (prayer forbids indecency and evil) gives his Eminence the shadow of the meaning and how to say (prayer forbids indecency and evil in two phases) Mental perception… That the The Emirate, the Hawa and the desires, represent the subjective factor, which conceals the minds from the belief and the unseen, and interferes negatively in reducing the degree of certainty in the human. The Holy Street has addressed the self-factor in two basic points: 1 – Applying the soul to the use of the mind in criticizing and analyzing the self-factor 2 – Self-accounting, And its activity..

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And with the ignorant silence…
and whatever you do not be ashamed of the goodness of your heart
It is not weakness but Guo
Valaghara not ashamed From the intensity of its luster,…. Replica Hermes Bags

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according to For the man: What God hid from us was the greatest!!
And here the anger of the son Saber and said to his father: Is there is greater than what we have??

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