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And Nike’s running shoes are in agreement

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« He started calling me EJ when I was little. He taught me everything I know about the game . »Playing often against older and bigger players in the summer when his dad would take him to Waterbury, Bridgeport and New York aided his basketball development.Crawford, who lives in Hartford and participates in the Open Choice program that’s managed by the Capitol Region Education Council, has been a consistent performer at a high level for Simsbury. Last season he was an All Courant first team selection.

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The winner faces California (14 4 2) or Maryland (15 3 5) in the semifinals Dec. 13. »This is going to be another challenge, » Reid said. « They’re a very good attacking team talented, good organization, good coach, and tough.

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It was a raccoon. Though initial arguments insisted that the legs were far too long, proportionally, to match with a raccoon’s, actual experts went on record with dental patterns, correlating details on the front paws, and skeletal matches that all pointed to the Montauk Monster being nothing more than a decomposing raccoon carcass missing part of its upper jaw. When asked for clarification, scientists sarcastically asked, What? You want us to draw you a picture? Then, noting the slack jawed, dimwitted stare from the audience, sighed with exasperation and did precisely that:.

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