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And I will bury my graves in her humbleness

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Oh God, right to say (Vagginahm understanding Laibsron) Ochshi eyes of the wicked and darkness so I do not see their eyes and hide me the eyes of the hateful and prudent and unjust and right to say (today we close their mouths) And I will cling to their hearts, and make me I ask you to pay me all of them and mine and evil and evil and the curse and tribulation I have deserved from my foolishness and my sins Yaltef 0

O Allah, make fun of me who has help on what I want from the things of the world and the Hereafter, and the right of your words (but we will throw the truth at falsehood, and it will be stoned, if it is glaring) There is no god but you Glory you I am from the wrongdoers 0)
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Wholesale Replica Bags My brother, if I shed tears… And I will bury my graves in her humbleness, I will burn them from the remains of the candles.. . And they will lead them towards the glory of Talid. Wholesale Replica Bags

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