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A really interesting and exciting frag to be sure

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(Inspired to his servant what inspired) is required Moses has recorded you by the record
(Maaz Zagor and obsessed) You are the last party wrote in the DioThe Prophets: You are the greatest line number in the publication of (Those Apostles preferred) Your bride was buried in the sky of the top horizon, and was some of the dislocation ((he saw from the verses of the Great Lord) has been formulated to divide the brow of existence of your honor Crown did not listen to the prophets All of them did not appreciate the night (prisoners of worship) and did not find a breeze from the breeze of (around the corner) and to give to one of them peace struggle you O Prophet of the delay of all at (or lower) the progress of the owner (DNA Vtdli) (I have seen from the verses of his great Lord) I have been drawn to her with a busy eye, but politely (and do not drown your eyes) this holy valley, where is Moses? This is the spirit of Jerusalem, where is Jesus (and this is a cool laundry and drink) Where Ayub, how traveled minds in the fields of the absent, and how the ideas flew from the caves of its stages to Riad Ala ask for the souls of Nesma this honor, and thirst in the nose of the breath of this richest riches And you will find that you have sought the path of the universe, you are the eye of the life of the two neighbors, you have organized the amulets of Revelation; The foot, you hold the fate of the brigade ((and will give you Lord Vrtdi)
Perfumed praise to you Arg the highest kingdom, from the light of your science The lamp of the sun, with the lamps of your speech shines the heavens of judgment, the prophets behind him rows to darken his majesty in the scene of their testimony by advancing them, Vnadmm Callers of fate, Oaabahm mourners of the masters, and the men of argument on the creation this moon of Ala, this sun of the sun, this crown of prophets, The insight in its splendor, and reveal the glittering thoughts about its evils, find him an orphan of honor by a well-known message, Knowledge

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From the words of the Great Relief Sidi Abdel Qadir Jilani may Allah be pleased with him..
God understand those words and showed us the signs of the shells of those words to extract knowledge from the sea of ??heart and chest…

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