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62 – He is the master of the first and the other on

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62 – He is the master of the first and the other on

Oh God, make the praises of your prayers and your blessings upon our master Muhammad, the messenger of good and the prophet of guidance. Your prayers and prayers are upon me, from whom I have sent a general mercy, and his mission is a blessed blessing, our master Muhammad, who explained his chest and raised his name, and associated his name with your name, and made his obedience to your obedience.Loving him and following his Sunnah, and practicing the manners of his law, and clinging to the tail of his family and his family, and we are in his group, and make us in the first generation of his intercession. Oh Lord, we implore Him to you, and we seek His forgiveness for you, to accept our actions, to improve our conditions, to enlighten our hearts with knowledge, and to liberate us from the doctrines of the Gentiles, to our hearts, and to us to be the destiny.

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61 – is the most prophets according to the blessings of Allah.

62 – He is the master of the first and the other on the Day of Resurrection, may Allah bless him and grant him peace. Replica Hermes Bags

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